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As a constant writer of screenplays, I never really thought much of writing anything else. A few articles or reviews here and there, maybe a few comic books down the line, nothing really outside of the cinematic norm. Certainly never a comic strip. Certainly never on a regular basis. Yet, here I am, writing an essay on why I am doing that very thing. And it really all starts with an idea I had back in Freshman year of highschool. My dork friends and I had been planning on doing a comic book about our wacking adventures of daily life in the Freshman Learning Center, an extension of the uber-intellectual (a high school for jocks) Vero Beach High School. One of the names for our comic book selves was Bob, Lord of Evil. It stuck with me, and at this point I'm not sure whether I really did think of the name myself or my friend did. He promises to kick my ass for stealing his creation, so I suppose I did. Regardless, I always found that name to be funny.

Yes, it's obvious and a little juvenile. Yes, an idiot could come up with it. But it always struck me as amusing. ' Bob' is such an every man name. Your grocery store guy. The dude who details your car. By attaching the 'Lord of Evil' it elevates a bland name to something larger than life. So it stuck with me. When I began crafting Bob's super secret orgin, it was for shits and giggles, and I basically told anyone in ear shot about it. I never had a decent medium to tell that story in, and basically, it hardly needed to be told.

There was nothing more to Bob than a vague idea of a concept that was, well, weak. Time passes on. I start in on scripts and screenplays, and I start getting semi good, I guess. I began reading up on the news and keeping with current events, and just all the basic stuff that teenagers normally don't care about, cause teenagers are really never involved, and were a self involved bunch. Then it happened. Columbine.

Nuff said.

I had some serious opinions on that incident, yet nobody was quite ready to listen. And then it happens again. And again. And again. So I get to thinking- what can I do? Do I make a drama about one of these kids? Do I take the comedic route and spoof some of their follies (interesting sidenote; I made Timmy's Little Math Problem, a film about a homicidal maniac child before Columbine occured, thus I hold myself semi responsbile)? How do I handle my stupid opinion about this the gravest of matters. Then I remembered Bob. And I remembered comic strips can tell a long running story and still be funny and make a point. And I remembered how much free time I had. Bob, as far as I'm concerned, has become a bit of a symbol for the way I see teenagers nowadays. My hope is that other people see him the same way, share a laugh, and maybe get my point. If not, then there's always the movies. For now, I'm gonna make the best of the wacky world of web strips. Here's hoping.

Love and Strawberries,

Robert Master

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