"THE DEVIL MAY CARE" Opinions from the creator


My original contention was not to have multiple artists. One guy doing the writing, one guy doing the artwork, simple, easy, ' bada bing bada bam bada boom.' Of course, things don't always work as easily as that, nor do they say things like 'bada bing bada bam bada boom.' Sadly, in life, things occur that hinder your dreams and it's time to become adaptagenic.

Course, after I did that Goz had to pull out too.

Three artists all working on the same character. All working on the same strip. All working towards writing some heretic shit, that could end up getting you in trouble with friends who actually care about things like Hell, Heaven, and the big Gee-man in the sky.

I wondered if the audieance would stand by a vision seen by so many different styles.

I really hope you guys do.

Bob, in my humble opinion, works better when different people show their way of handling him. I wasn't sure I would like it, but I feel in my heart (yes, the one that pumps blood through my veins and is clogged with McGoodness) that it adds to him. While he has character and depth(I hope), I am striving to make Bob more iconic than anything else. Also, by allowing different people in to show the way they see the world, it allows Bob to show different perspectives that a singular team wouldn't allow.

Do I prefer a story by the same two people? Sure. Is it always necessary. Probably most of the time. Is it necessary in this case? I don't think so.

If you relate to Bob and his struggles, then you can also relate to mine and the artists struggle. The more people involved, the more involvement for you.

So Bob will look a little different ark to ark. He'll always be the same old lord of evil he ever was, perhaps even a little eviler. I hope you guys stick around to see the different ways he can say " fuck you" to everyone.

If not, though, I'll make sure to hate you for the rest of your petty existance.

God bless.

Love and Strawberries,

Robert Master

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