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NEWSFLASH!!!! Jesus, it has been a while. Well, here we go again. I'm putting out a call- do you want to see the return of Bob, Lord of Evil, or a new comic? Something totally and completely different, y'know? You can e-mail me and tell me what to do. If a new Bob's a go, expect it sometime mid to late May. Peace outtie.

NEWSFLASH!!!! Ah, part two begins. I sure do wonder how this turns out, as I haven't written it yet. Oh yeah, writer living on the edge, baby.

By the way, you may want to check out Bob's journal. He's been working on it in his spare time, and he wants you all to read his ultra personal stuff, yet not talk to him like you know him. You don't know him. Nobody does.

Continuity sticklers may point out that there hasn't been a moment for Bob to work on a journal. To you I say- blow me. And also, get a life. But thats just me.

I hope you're having a gay ole time, don't forget to go to Angry Naked Pat and Kalaproductions. They're both a present to yourself. Take care.

NEWSFLASH!!!! Today, there's a special naked kinda guy in Bob. Some of you are wondering whats going on. I'll tell you whats going on- I'm banking on a much more popular comic character.

I'm sure, since Brian Lynch wrote his character, Pat's dialogue, this particular comic doesn't completely suck. On the other hand, who knows?

You'll note Pats penis is not seen in this strip. This was not my choice, you see. I was all for that huge dangling cock to swing in the face of my poor impressionable readers. Alas, Mark has a fear of penises brought on by an early childhood incident with an elephant in heat. It's.... best not to get too into it.

Anyway, Part Two of this ark starts July 8th. Be there, or die. Seriously. If you don't come, you're not welcome here anymore. Matter of fact, leave me alone.

I love you Brian Lynch. I love you Mark Bleckley. And I love you Enrique Englasias.

Go see AI.

I'm not sure why I'm rambling.

If it bothers you, go complain on my board. I could use a good tongue lashing.

End this session now.

NEWSFLASH!!!! Updates abound!!!

First off, the strip restarts June 3rd at Kala's site and here on June 4th, with Mark Bleckley on art. So if you miss the new strip of Bob the day before, you can see the new one here instead. Keen, eh?

Also, I've updated the opinion and the stuff section. The stuff in question is the first ever Bob tee-shirt, for all seven of my fans. Show your support and spend money on something fairly unimportant.

Finally, go to Angry Naked Pat to see a strip that puts this one to shame.

Thats all for now kids.

e-mail us, won't you???-- bob_the_lord_of_evil@yahoo.com